Commercial Operations

Over the last several decades, Humco has built up its sales force and refined its marketing practices principally around targeting hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, physicians, and consumers. We have a deeply established, diversified commercial presence in approximately 20 countries around the world. Humco’s strategic global presence in our commercial operations allows us to maximize development opportunities, ensure uninterrupted supply of product to the marketplace, and provide industry-leading customer service.

Humco believes that in order to succeed, our commercial operations must reach beyond just trying to create value for the industry; we must adopt a posture of seeking to provide value to payers, providers and patients.

Before Humco commercializes a new product, we rigorously review our research & development pipeline from the payer’s perspective in order to reveal products which may meet expectations for innovation and unmet patient needs, but fall short of what the payer will buy. Humco firmly believes in working to lower costs of healthcare to society, and as such we price and commercialize our products in order to do just that. By building the payer’s perspective into Humco’s planning process earlier, we believe it will protect our pipeline, and increase the opportunities for marketing and sales to succeed.

Humco’s commercial operations are focused on finding opportunities to work with payers and providers to pilot new ideas utilizing our uniquely innovative capabilities in research and development and our value-based pricing model.