Humco began operations in 1872 as Hutchison Medicine Company, founded by J. C. Hutchison in Linden, Texas. Hutchison traveled through East Texas in a covered wagon selling Big Head Liniment, oils, and salves that were remedies for both hard-working settlers and their animals with the purpose of “helping people feel better.”

In 1876, Mr. Hutchison purchased land two miles south of Lanark, Texas and named the area Queen City after his hometown in Tennessee. While working in the drug business in Queen City, J.C. developed a healing preparation known as Hutchison’s Magic Oil. The demand for Magic Oil grew so quickly that Mr. Hutchison gave up his drug business and focused his business on manufacturing and selling Magic Oil. Much like the Smith Brothers, a likeness of Mr. Hutchison with his signature became his registered trademark, and he established the assurance of quality, purity, and protection against substitution.

In 1908, Hutchison Medicine Company moved from Queen City to Texarkana, Texas, where it was run by John and his two sons, Raymond and Edwin. In 1947, following the death of the senior John Hutchison, the Company was sold to Pearson Walsh, a local Wholesale Druggist, and to Otto Witzansky, a local Retail Druggist. This was a major change, identifying Hutchison Medicine Company as a manufacturer and distributor of first-aid products to “help people feel better.” Products were initially distributed to major drug wholesalers throughout the United States. Five years later, Mr. Walsh became the sole owner and renamed the company Humco.

Humco’s plan for growth included several key fundamentals that aligned with the miracles of medicine that began in the mid­-1900s. Science brought vaccines, aiding in the inoculation of children, and the general education of wellness and disease prevention across the world. With the growth of technology and the transportation industry, Humco was poised to continue its focus on innovation throughout North America.

In 1993, Humco was sold to its current ownership group, to stand on its own, and to focus on expanding the manufacturing and distribution of its core products. As the portfolio of products grew and more recently, as companies opted to market and sell product rather than manufacture, Humco has been proactive in partnering with major chains, mass retailers, independent pharmacies and other pharmaceutical companies.

In the early 2000s, after thorough market research, Humco strategically decided to get back to its pharmaceutical compounding roots by developing its own line of pharmaceutical delivery vehicles. Listening to the needs of the Company’s customers, Humco commercialized a line of pre­made Pluronic-Lecithin-Oranogel (PLO) delivery vehicles that helped to increase efficiency for pharmacists in their labs. Continuing to innovate throughout the last decade, Humco has released a broad portfolio of important delivery vehicles in key therapeutic areas such as Pain Management, Infectious Disease, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Wound Care, and Dermatology and Aesthetics.

Today, Humco carries well over 30 patented, trademarked, and original pharmaceutical topical and transdermal creams, syrups, and suspension vehicles, and additional pharmaceutical compounding agents. The Company strives to continuously create new value­-added products that will help to meet unmet patient and pharmacist’s needs around the world.

Evolution of Products