Humco adheres to the highest quality standards ensuring our products are consistently valued as the best option for patients and pharmacists. Our state-of-the-art facilities are FDA registered and abide by current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

There are several steps we take to meet our quality standards. The first step is sourcing of quality raw materials from pre-qualified suppliers. Before Humco receives components at our facility, we perform a thorough inspection of the conditions of transport. Each component is received under quarantine and each lot is statistically sampled and sent to our quality control laboratories to receive rigorous testing including identification, assay, moisture content, and percent solids testing. Only those components meeting Humco’s strict requirements are released for use.

The materials used to manufacture each batch of Humco product are carefully measured, recorded, and double verified. Each step of the batching process follows document-controlled batch records and is verified and recorded to ensure consistency and compliance.

After the bulk product is manufactured, it is further tested with methods including a microbiological examination, specific gravity testing, viscosity testing, and pH testing. Prior to packaging, we perform a line clearance to ensure the packaging lines are clean and all required documentation and components are in place.

As a last step, prior to release, a set of samples is taken to the lab as a final assurance of quality. Prior to shipping, products undergo a final inspection before being packaged and shipped to the customer.