Research & Development

For over 140 years, Pharma Nobis has worked relentlessly to provide the highest quality products and solutions to patients and pharmacists. Research and development are the cornerstones of Pharma Nobis’ business as a global pharmaceutical company. Our innovation focuses on developing products that deliver strong in-vitro and pre-clinical performance, provide more patient benefit, and deliver economic value, particularly where there is significant need around the world in certain disease areas. These areas include:

  • Pain Management
  • Infectious Disease
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Wound Care
  • Dermatology and Aesthetics

Pharma Nobis’ team of scientists are passionate about finding innovative solutions to current patient and pharmacist needs. We encourage high levels of curiosity in our labs, to inspire ingenious solutions, treatments, and results from our scientists. Pharma Nobis’ approach to innovation builds on an impressive track record of developing novel and unique science. Pharma Nobis scientists discovered and developed important products to treat neuropathy, helping to change the outlook for many patients with this disease. Our work in infectious disease has also benefited patients with onychomycosis. We continue to advance scientific research across many additional disease states.

Our expertise in active pharmaceutical ingredients, drug delivery vehicles, and over-the-counter medicines allows us to find and pursue the best solution for many diseases. Pharma Nobis is designing pre-clinical trials and using a variety of advanced in-vitro techniques to make our products smarter, faster and more efficient. New methods such as percutaneous absorption and imaging technologies are helping us evaluate the effectiveness of our compounds.

Our partners share our commitment to address many of the world’s greatest pharmaceutical needs. That’s why we make strategic decisions to collaborate with commercial, academic, clinical, regulatory and advocacy groups to seek new solutions for customers throughout the world. Pharma Nobis partnerships are dedicated to these important outcomes: delivering innovative new products and having an impact on customer’s lives. We are passionate about translating science into effective treatments and becoming a true, valued partner for the professionals we work with. The result is synergistically beneficial as we develop long-term relationships that allow all professionals to exceed goals and expectations. By working together, we combine the best efforts, thinking and resources into the best solutions for pharmacists, physicians, healthcare providers and patients. With the right partners, “finding a better way” is possible.