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New Research from Humco Demonstrates a Penetration Enhancer Formulation to Permeate Nail

AUSTIN,  August 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Humco, a global pharmaceutical company and the makers of RECURA®, announce the results of a new in-vitro clinical review. It reveals a new penetration enhancer formulation to permeate the nail. According to ‘The American Society for Microbiology’s Journal, Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy’, 10% miconazole in RECURA® produced equivalency to 10% efinaconazole solution and superiority to 8% ciclopirox solution in the topical treatment of tinea unguium.
In one of the most comprehensive in-vitro clinical reviews ever undertaken in medical microbiology, Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum, Director of Medical Mycology at Case Western Reserve University, reviews in-vitro nail penetration assays including the bovine hoof, TurChub zone of inhibition, and infected-nail models. Humco commissioned the review to inform and shape its marketing and educational programs and to inspire the development of compounded products to address the evolving antifungal treatment of nails.

‘The American Society for Microbiology’ key findings:

  • Bovine hoof model – discs treated with miconazole in RECURA® showed significantly larger zones of inhibition than those exposed to ciclopirox solution (26.5 and 2.8 mm, respectively).
  •  TurChub ZOI model – both miconazole and fluconazole in RECURA®, and efinaconazole solution were all statistically superior to ciclopirox solution.
  •  Infected-nail model – percentage ATP recovery was significantly more efficacious in killing the fungal cells present for efinaconazole solution (3.33%), miconazole in RECURA® (4.75%) and fluconazole in RECURA® (6.57%) contrasted with ciclopirox solution (20.02%).
    “In comparison to currently marketed topical nail antifungal products, data indicates that miconazole in RECURA® is equivalent to efinaconazole solution and superior to ciclopirox solution in the topical treatment of tinea unguium.”

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