Humco’s Anhydrous Base™ is designed for low-load hydrophilic and high-load lipophilic actives that are unstable in water. Intense studies validate its compatibility with numerous drugs across a broad range of applications. It is cosmetically elegant with an exceptional sensory evaluation profile over other anhydrous bases, providing a smooth, light, and silky feel.

Anhydrous Base™ Benefits:

  • Contains absolutely no water
  • Non-greasy
  • Validated & proven drug compatibility
  • Cosmetically elegant – smooth, light, silky feel
  • Preservative-free & petroleum-free
  • Easy to use – actives can be directly incorporated without wetting
  • APIs – 180-day BUD
  • Fragrance-free & dye-free

When do you need Anhydrous Base™?

  • When an active ingredient is unstable in water
  • When you want 180 day beyond-use-dating


Specific Gravity 0.95 g/mL
Viscosity 30,000 cps
Physical Format Gel
Color Light Beige
Transdermal Properties +++
API Compatibility Hydrophilic 10% & Lipophilic 20% – Total API Load – 20%
Typical Applications Dermatology, HRT, Immunotherapy, Pain Management, Sports Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Wound Care

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