LiposomalHeavy Prod

Liposomal Heavy™ Topical Cream uses the same formulation as Liposomal Regular™ Topical Cream but with additional emulsifiers to allow for higher API loads and solvent concentrations to be incorporated. Added emollients provide excellent moisturization — an ideal choice for dry and/or dehydrated skin.


pH 6.0
Specific Gravity 1.00 g/mL
Viscosity 250,000 cps
Format Heavy Cream
Color White
Natural Ingredients Yes
Transdermal Penetration ++++
API Compatibility Hydrophilic 10% & Lipophilic 10% -­ Total API Load ­ 20%
Typical Applications Dermatology, Pain Management, Immunotherapy, Sports Medicine
Recommended Use Higher API Loads, Dry/Dehydrated Skin, Chemical Pels, Pigmentation Treatments

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