LiposomalReg Prod

Liposomal Regular™ Topical Cream is a cosmetically elegant, liposomal transdermal base with excellent skin penetration and moisturizing capabilities. It is formulated to incorporate lipophilic and hydrophilic actives and penetrate deeper and faster than HRT bases.

Liposomal Regular™ Topical Cream Benefits:

  • Cosmetically elegant – excellent moisturizing effect
  • Faster absorption & deeper penetration than HRT bases
  • API compatibility – virtually all actives
  • Natural preservatives
  • Water & oil­-soluble
  • Ideal for cosmetic facial applications
  • Paraben-­free


Specific Gravity1.00 g/mL
Viscosity120,000 cps
FormatLight Cream
ColorOff White
Transdermal Penetration+++
API CompatibilityHydrophilic 5% & Lipophilic 5% -­ Total API Load ­ 10%
Typical ApplicationsDermatology, Pain Management, Hormone Therapy, Veterinary Medicine
Recommended UseLower API Loads, Cosmetic Preparations

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