Mouthwash-­GP™ is a mouthwash base designed to simplify and standardize the extemporaneous compounding of formulations for delivery to the oral cavity. The pH of Mouthwash-­GP™ is buffered to match the natural pH of saliva. The viscous nature of the Mouthwash-­GP™ product allows the pharmacist to dissolve and/or suspend most of the common actives that are prescribed in “Magic Mouthwash”. Mouthwash-­GP™ is designed to dissolve or suspend a high amount of active ingredients ­ maintaining its viscosity when actives are added ­ such that the oral cavity is coated with medication. The Mouthwash-­GP™ packaging container has added headspace which allows for mixing of actives by shaking the container.

Mouthwash-­GP™ Benefits:

  • Oral moisturizer
  • Coats the mouth
  • Container head space for mixing
  • Dye and flavor free
  • Easily tailored with flavors and colors to improve palatibility
  • Compatible with flavors/dyes that are available for taste­masking of bitter or
    unpleasant tasting actives


pH 5.0 -­ 7.0
Viscosity 1,500-4,000 cps
Physical Format Viscous Liquid Solution
Color Clear Liquid
Intended Use
  • Chemotherapy Mouth Ulcers
  • Bacterial/Viral Oral Infections
  • Gingival Irritation Caused by Braces
  • Throat/Esophageal Sores
API Compatibility Compatible with common “Magic Mouthwash” Actives including:

  • Magnesium Hydroxide/Aluminum
  • Hydroxide/Simethicone Suspension
  • 2% Viscous Lidocaine HCl Suspension
  • Nystatin Suspension
  • Tetracycline HCl
Delivery Method Can be expectorated or swallowed

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