PENCream™ is an elegant oil-­in-­water vanishing cream formulated for enhanced transdermal penetration. This elegant alternative to PLO, with added emollients,provides a better rub­in and longer-­lasting moisturization without irritation. PENCream™ is highly compatible with a diverse range of hydrophilic and lipophilic actives, has a high API load capacity and is ideal for hybrid formulations.

PENCream™ Benefits:

  • Free of BHT, EDTA, parabens & urea
  • Enhanced penetration capability – efficacious API absorption
  • Hydrophilic & lipophilic compatibility – high loads
  • Validated transdermal penetration & beyond­-use­ dates (BUD)
  • Natural ingredients – less irritation than PLO
  • Cosmetically elegant – lasting moisturizing effect
  • Applies easily – no sticky residue
  • Validated API compatibility

When do you need PENCream™?

  • When you want more efficacious active drug absorption than with traditional vanishing bases.
  • When you want to incorporate both water & oil­ soluble ingredients.
  • When you want a creamier base than a PLO that is more cosmetically elegant, less sticky and has less odor.
  • When you want a vanishing & penetrating cream that is BHT, EDTA, fragrance,
    paraben and urea free.
  • When you want a cosmetically elegant & noncomedogenic product.


pH 7.0
Specific Gravity 0.96 g/mL
Viscosity 300,000 cps
Physical Format Heavy Cream
Color White
Transdermal Penetration ++++
API Compatibility Hydrophilic & Lipophilic ­- Total API Load ­ 30%
Typical Applications Pain Management, Veterinary Medicine, Immunotherapy

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