PLO20 Flowable™ represents the next generation of pluronic lecithin organogel (PLO) bases, it is a robust, ready-­to-­use transdermal base. This cosmetically elegant base has a lotion consistency that allows for incorporating high levels of APIs. It contains the same stability properties as PLO20 Non-Flowable™, allowing for versatile compounding. PLO20 Flowable™ provides enhanced chemical penetration that allows a deeper skin permeation than does PLO20 Non-Flowable™. This product is designed to accept the incorporation of high levels of lipophilic actives and moderate levels of hydrophilic actives.


Specific Gravity0.97 g/mL
Viscosity30,000 cps
Physical FormatLight Cream/Lotion
ColorLight Yellow
Transdermal Penetration+++++
API CompatibilityHydrophilic 10% Lipophilic 30% ­- Total API load 30%
Best UseHigh Levels of Lipophilics
Typical ApplicationsPain Management, Sports Medicine, Immunotherapy, Veterinary Medicine

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