PLO20 Non-Flowable™ is a ready­-to-­use, absorption-­enhanced transdermal vehicle that is an elegant alternative to PLO transdermal systems. It contains penetration enhancers to facilitate more efficacious active drug absorption, emollients for a better rub-­in, preservatives for increased mold resistance, along with emulsifiers allowing for better cold-­temperature stability. PLO20 Non-Flowable™ and PLO20 Flowable™ may be blended for viscosity optimization without wetting agents or milling to thin the formula, thus allowing for versatile compounding.

PLO20 Non­-Flowable™ Benefits:

  • Enhanced penetration – more efficacious drug absorption
  • API compatibility – high lipophilic & moderate hydrophilic
    carrying capacity
  • Adjustable viscosity – PLO20 Non-Flowable™ & PLO20 Flowable™ may be blended
  • Temperature & shelf stable
  • Cosmetically elegant
  • Validated API compatibility & penetration
  • No wetting or milling – high levels of oil­soluble powders & moderate levels of
    water­soluble powders may be directly incorporated


pH 0.97 g/mL
Viscosity 300,000 cps
Physical Format Heavy Cream
Color Light Yellow
Transdermal Penetration ++++
API Compatibility Hydrophilic 10% Lipophilic 10% ­- Total API load 10%
Best Use Low Levels of Lipophilics
Typical Applications Pain Management, Sports Medicine, Diabetes & Wound Care, Veterinary Medicine

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