RECURA™ topical cream is an innovative compounding delivery vehicle created for creams compounded to treat conditions such as onychomycosis. Utilizing penetration enhancers, it provides good penetration into toenails, fingernails and skin, works well with a variety of antifungal agents, and compounds easily. RECURA™ has been intensively studied, patented, and peer­ reviewed in order to validate the compatibility of the cream with a number of active ingredients.

RECURA™ Benefits:

  • Penetration Ability -­ Contains penetration enhancers and natural oils to facilitate active drug absorption
  • Drug Compatibility -­ Both oil and water soluble powders can be levigated with
  • Compound Diversity -­ Contains penetrating agents for better nail absorption,
    natural oils for better skin absorption, and is alcohol dispersible for viscosity

When do you need RECURA™?

  • When you want a base cream designed to enhance penetrating ability
  • When you want to incorporate customized active drugs
  • When you want a customized base from liquids and semi­solids
  • When you don’t want the hassle of making an antifungal base


pH 7.0-­9.0
Physical Format Viscous Cream
Color Opaque, Light Lavender
Typical Applications Fungal treatment on toenails, fingernails, and skin

Published Science

Turner, R. Weaver, S. Caserta, F. and Brown M. “A Novel Vehicle for Enhanced Drug Delivery across the Human Nail for the Treatment of Onychomycosis.” International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding. 20.1 (Jan/Feb 2016) 71-80.

Gautam, P. Light, R. and Purvis, T. “Stability of Two Antifungal Agents, Fluconazole and Miconazole, Compounded in HUMCO RECURA Topical Cream to Determine Beyond-use Date.” International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding. 21.2 (Mar/Apr 2017) 154-159.

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