Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets
Product Name
Humco Safety Data Sheet No.
Safety Data Sheet
Acetone CP0019
Alcohol, Completely Denatured0037
Alcohol, Ethyl 70%, USP0040
Alcohol, Isopropyl 70%, USP1249
Alcohol, Isopropyl 70%, USP (Blue)1259
Alcohol, Isopropyl 99%, USP1243
Alum Ammonium USP Powder0049
Aluminum Acetate Top. Sol.0055
Amantadine Hydrochloride, USP8058
Amitriptyline Hydrochloride, USP8048
Ammonia Aromatic Spirit, USP0073
Anhydrous Base™6013
Arnica Tincture0115
Asafetida Tincture0127
Ascorbic Acid Granular, USP0123
Baclofen, USP8032
Barium Sulfate Powder, USP0200
Bay Rum0201
Benzocaine, USP8049
Benzoin Compound Tr. USP0243
Benzoin Tincture NF XI0247
Bismuth Subcarbonate Powder0261
BHRT Base6022
Borax Granular Tech.0285
Boric Acid Granular, NF0300
Boric Acid Powder, NF0303
Bupivacaine Hydrochloride, USP (Monohydrate)8050
Buffer Cream™3926
Calaclear Lotion0400
Calagesic Lotion0420
Calamine Lotion Phenolated, USP0407
Calamine Lotion Plain, USP0413
Calcium Carbonate Powder0431
Camphor Gum Blocks0455
Camphor Spirit, USP0467
Castiva Cooling™0129
Castiva Warming™0130
Castor Oil, USP (Regular)0513
Castor Oil, USP (O&T)0515
Catnip (Cat Mint)0521
Charcoal Powder, USP Activated0527
Cherry Syrup™2662
Citric Acid USP, Granular0605
Coal Tar Solution0617
Cocoa Butter, NF0624
Cod Liver Oil, USP Medicinal0635
Cola Syrup0035
Cottonseed Oil, NF0677
Cyclobenzaprine Hydrochloride, USP8051
Dewees Carminative0713
Diclofenac Sodium, USP8052
Dobell's Solution0731
Doxycycline Hyclate, USP8059
Ear Drop's for Swimmers0098
Emulsion Concentrate™6016
Epsom Salt0807
Estradiol, USP (Micronized)8065
Estriol, USP (Micronized)8066
Estrone, USP8067
Flavor Blend™0089
Flavor Plus™0091
Flavor Sweet™0090
Flavor Sweet - SF™0094
Fluconazole, USP8036
Flurbiprofen, USP8053
Fluticasone Propionate, USP (Micronized)8054
Fuller's Earth Powder Tech.0967
Gabapentin, USP8055
Gentian Violet USP 1%1003
Gentian Violet 2%1005
Glycerin, USP1031
Glycerin & Artificial Rose Water1037
Green Soap Tincture, USP1049
HRT Botanical™6001
HRT Heavy™6002
Hydrogen Peroxide Sol. 3%, USP1113
Ibuprofen, USP
Iodides Tincture, Decolorized1207
Iodine Tincture, Mild 2%, USP1213
Iodine Tincture, Strong 7%, USP1219
Ivy Wash™0119
Karaya Gum Powder, NF XI1401
Ketoprofen, USP8056
Lactic Acid (85-90%) USP FCC1500
Lactose (Monohydrate), NF1501
Lidocaine Hydrochloride, USP8040
Liposomal Heavy™6004
Liposomal Regular™6003
Lugol's Strong Iodine2775
Magnesium Carbonate Blocks1601
Menthol Crystal, USP1619
Merthiolate Tincture1749
Miconazole, USP8041
Milk of Magnesia, USP (Reg.)1670
Mineral Oil Heavy1685
Mineral Oil Light1673
Mouthwash - AF™6050
Mouthwash - GP™6030
Mouthwash - OM™6040
Oil-Almond (Sweet), NF1907
Oil-Cinnamon, Artificial1931
Oil-Cinnamon, Pure Natural1937
Oil-Olive, NF1997
Oil-Sweet (Olive Oil, NF) w/dropper2063
Oil-Tea Tree4817
Oil-Turpentine Rectified2075
Oxalic Acid Crystals, Tech.2117
Peppermint Spirit, USP2243
Peruvian Balsam2255
PLO20 Flowable™0135
PLO20 Non-Flowable™6008
Polyethylene Glycol2335
Potassium Chloride 10%, Cherry2300
Potassium Nitrate Gran. (Salt Petre)2637
Povidone Iodine Solution2325
Progesterone, USP (Micronized)8063
Promethazine Hydrochloride, USP8064
Propylene Glycol2327
Raspberry Syrup2664
Rock Candy2507
Rose Water Artificial2513
Rosin Powder2531
Salicylic Acid Powder, USP (Rx)2625
Salt and Soda Mixture3925
SaltStable LO™6009
SaltStable LS Advanced™6021
Sanare Advanced Scar Base™0112
Senna Leaves, USP2649
Shol's Solution, USP (Rx)3962
Simple Syrup, NF2661
Sodium Bicarbonate Oral Pow., USP2685
Sod. Chloride-Sod. Bicarb. (Salt & Soda)3925
Sodium Perborate Gran., Tech.2709
Sodium Silicate Solution2727
Sorbitol Solution 70%, USP3913
Sulfur Sublimed Pow. (Flowers)2799
Syrpalta (Red)3920
Syrpalta (Without color)3927
Talc. Powder, USP2901
Tea Tree Oil4817
Tetracaine Hydrochloride, USP8046
Turpentine (Pure Gum Spirits)2943
Universal Water Gel™6017
Verapamil Hydrochloride, USP8057
Versa Free™0125
Versa Plus™0126
Wintergreen Oil1667
Witch Hazel3213
Zinc Oxide Powder, USP3501