Corporate Governance

Humco is proactive in ensuring that its policies and practices support strong corporate governance, transparency and accountability. The culture at Humco is built on integrity, ethics, sound decision-making and behaviors that reflect our values and commitment to patients and consumers.

Our highly engaged Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Team take corporate governance seriously, helping us anticipate and incorporate leading best practices into our business model.

Compliance and Ethics

Humco’s Compliance and Ethics Handbook is designed to educate and foster an atmosphere where open communication of ethics and compliance inquiries are encouraged, and to provide all employees with a reasonable understanding of how to identify and report potential violations.

Humco’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics outlines the key risk areas and the principles that guide our employees’ actions.

Supply Chain

Humco expects our suppliers to deliver sustainable solutions while operating at high ethical standards and adhering to fair business practices. These suppliers are part of regional, national and international supply chains that are involved in the manufacturing process for Humco’s products. Humco’s global supply chain team follow a strategic sourcing process to identify the best suppliers and work with internal teams to ensure we get the best value from our suppliers in terms of quality, cost, service and delivery.

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