Our Approach

At Pharma Nobis, we are committed to improving the lives of patients and advancing the course of human health in the interest of benefiting society. We promise to always put patients and quality first by ensuring stringent quality controls and by improving patient care globally through education, innovation and bold pursuits in science. We respect our environment and conduct our business every day based on integrity, ethics, sound decision making and behaviors that reflect our values.

We are a patient-focused company with the following as our guiding principles:

  • We Can Be Counted On
  • We Get The Job Done
  • We Take Responsibility
  • We Find A Better Way
  • We Succeed As a Team

Commitment to Safety – Safeguarding Our Patients and Employees
At Pharma Nobis, we take special care to provide patients and consumers safe access to our products. We have developed unique, industry-leading programs under which millions of patients and consumers worldwide have accessed the benefits of our pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter medicines.

Patient Safety – Pharma Nobis is focused on effective safety surveillance systems as a component of its broader risk management programs. The safety of the patients and consumers we serve is of paramount importance. Our products are marketed and distributed with thorough labeling and product information. Pharma Nobis develops labeling and informational material in compliance with regulatory bodies such as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency.

Employee Safety – At Pharma Nobis, our employees are our most important resource. We strive to provide a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible work environment for our employees and visitors to our facilities. We are dedicated to our environmental programs and health and safety initiatives in order to effectively minimize occupational and environmental risks. We ensure the health and safety of all employees so we can maintain this extraordinary level of commitment and continue to attract the best employees at every level of our organization.


Facilities & Manufacturing

Environmental & Sustainability