Welcome to Humco, creators of Castiva™ Arthritis Pain Relief Lotions, SimpleHomeRemedies™ and compounding bases and vehicles.

We are a full-service FDA-registered facility with on-site product research and development, quality control, manufacturing and distribution capabilities. FDA Registration # 1611206

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Castiva's natural castor oil base uses the latest in tchnology to pentrate deeply, promoting fast acting, temporary relief of arthritis pain. Learn More


Specially formulated Ivy Wash Poison Ivy Cleanser foaming lotion is designed for the removal of urushiol, the toxin known to cause the painful rash and itching from contact with poison ivy, oak and sumac. Learn More


The only product on the Market that RELIEVES Itching and REPELS Chiggers (Redbugs)! Chigg-Away does NOT contain DEET! Learn More


America's favorite first aid antiseptic is back from the past and WE HAVE IT!